Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC) is an undergraduate program that is designed to build artistic and imaginative concept among students. This course is envisaged to equip students in manifold realms of multimedia productions such as graphic design, visual design, 3D concepts, animation, audio & video, lighting, and texturing…etc. The rising interest is seen in the media industry among students. Presently, students taking up media courses can turn to professionals who uphold society. Statistics shows that a rapidly increasing number of students now enrolling in multimedia communication courses. On successful completion of the course requirements, an individual is awarded a BMMC degree. Be it in the field of entertainment, e-commerce, movies, or companies — job opportunities are everywhere. Placements are provided by companies working with digital education, television, IT sector, studios, and so on. Professionals can also choose to set up their own start-up organizations. Some of the more popular ones include – animation designer, software designer, computer designer, gaming and graphic designer, multimedia scriptwriter, digital specialist, and so on.


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