Learn, Discover, Create and Make the World Ever Better, by imparting world class value based education through Right Philosophy, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct to develop free thinking, creative and balance outlook, with the view to confidently face the momentous changes taking place in all over the world and to contribute to the society in the emerging areas of Science, Management and Technology.


Empowering our students to fulfill their academic and professional passions in a college.

Achieve academic excellence in Professional education at par with the leading national and international institutions, accelerating our progress as an international leader in sciences, finance…etc.

To serve our alumni and friends –through ingenious programs that enrich their all-time association with the college and develop our joint contributions to the world.


Student Success and Completion: Attaining student needs by building an educational environment enabling the students to attain diverse goals naturally without psychological anguish.
Identify hidden talents: Endow with opportunities for students to recognize their full potential and thus shape them as future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings.
Technological Advancement: Employ advanced technology that improve tutoring and prepare students for all-time success.
Excellence: Uphold a high standard of veracity and performance leading to the achievement of academic and career goals.
Association: Seeking participation from all segments of the institution and community.
Diversity: Nurturing a learning community in which the different learning styles and goals of all students are acknowledged and sustained.
Integrity: Behave ethically and bring it in practice.

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About Us

Welcome to BLM College

Our students are our true ambassadors. Here you can enjoy reaching your intellectual peak and work towards the summit of your ambition.

While describing BLMCAS in one sentence, we can say that ‘BLMCAS is a student-oriented, teaching-focused, high-quality learning institution and international centre of excellence in practice. Each student will have a busy and intensive study period ahead which will transform them forever. Increased global awareness, teamwork, communication skills, and ethical decision-making, are qualities that are often neglected in colleges and universities worldwide but not here at BLMCAS. In addition to mastering the critical tools of analysis and conceptual foundations of your chosen field of study through quality-assured and government-approved Kannur University, we stress the importance of synthesizing and integrating knowledge across functions and academic disciplines so that every student can fully apply what they know in the practical “real world” fresh for a satisfying and rewarding job.
A warm welcome to all of you. We look forward to this academic year where we will strive for excellence in academia with fresh hopes and aspirations

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In the last four decades, revolutionary changes were brought in the field of higher education. The World Wide Web has made knowledge and information universally accessible. Growth in transportation and rapid strides in communication technology made time and distance irrelevant. To cater the needs of the global society we have to revive the system of education. BLM College of Applied Science, affiliated to Kannur University, provides a world class education for students relevant to the current job market, enhancing each and every student’s employability. BLMCAS offer an unforgettable academic experience transcending international boundaries. BLMCAS will be a home for students willing to meet challenges and stretch intellectual boundaries. Each student is encouraged to obtain ideas, exposing the class to a wide assortment of perspectives. This helps them to think independently, reasoning effectively, and learn successfully. The students also engage in a wide variety of extracurricular activities that further help hone their sportsmanship and social skills. opening.


Whether you take a Bachelor’s degree in business or computer science/IT or a Master’s degree in those subjects, BLMCAS will support you in developing your individual “soft skills” in personal communication, teamwork, and global awareness. In today’s world your ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is equally important as your ‘Cognitive Intelligence’ and your comfort with digital technology. Together, BLMCAS is preparing you for positions of responsible global leadership. We represent a 21st century educational institution of continuous learning and improvement which is at the cutting edge of global education. You have the opportunity to explore alternative concepts and constructs in various contexts. Our professionally-qualified faculty members are not only advanced scholars but include experienced practitioners in their chosen field of action. Our expert and caring staff are here to help you to achieve your goal.


  • A friendly academic environment conducive to motivate learning.
  • Excellent infrastructural faculties.
  • State of the art laboratories.
  • A well stacked library.
  • Well experienced and efficient teaching faculty.
  • Counselling and career guidance opportunities. Opportunity to upgrade skill sets, by participating trainings and seminars.
  • Efficient placement cell.
  • Coaching classes for entry in services.
  • College Bus services to all routes.
  • Hostel facilities available for all Students.