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We all know that the ‘children of today are the future of tomorrow’. So the best way to pay back to the society is to facilitate better education. There is nothing more gratifying than enlightening and empowering our next generation- the builders of our nation.

College education is the base on which the entire career script of a person is written. Our total purpose is not to limit ourselves in imparting bookish knowledge only, but put on humanitarian values like empathy, wisdom, courage, modesty, honesty and reliability in a student.

According to Swami Vivekananda “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”.

BLMCAS with certainty believe in the individuality of all the students, their diverse capabilities, talents, and needs. So it’s the time to awaken their thoughts, enhance their imagination, sharpen their critical thinking, and facilitate them to innovate and invent. To gratify to the demand of the new era, we thrust to impart an education that helps the students to stand out hassle free. We experiment with pioneering techniques to employ the learners fruitfully and to reinforce them emotionally, psychologically and academically. We confidently believe that our young learners should be scientific yet spiritual, considerate yet emotionally powerful, creative yet realistic, and modest yet rational.

BLMCAS offer a considerately designed campus with world-class facilities, new age infrastructural spaces that follow integrated approach to align with the New Education Policy 2020.

With a vision that each one of our student will blossom into a successful human being, we promise to impart all within our best facility to substantiate their 360-degree development.

Our tutors are well qualified and share an enthusiasm for teaching, thus bringing out the finest in both themselves and their students. We enlighten our students in traditional as well as modern models of learning while giving them a firm base in cultural insight of the world.

We believe that parents’ responsibility in the child’s education is vital as they are the first GURU of the child. And hence we will create mutual esteem and attempt to ascertain continuous communication between teachers, parents and management.